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A little hiatus…again…

Hey everybody,

Just a quick post to say that I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus on the podcast but it’s not dead!  I promise!  Look for a new podcast on or around December 1st- it’s going to be epic!

My current alibi- I started an online Masters in Medical Education in September and it has taken a lot of the time that I used to have available to produce the podcast.  I am currently taking two classes now which will drop to one next month for the rest of the year so I will hopefully have some more time in a few weeks.

All of this to say- if you or someone you know can make a good episode for the EM Basic Project please consider doing so!  This will help me publish new content when things get busy for me.  Alternatively, you could email someone high up in the Army and tell them to give me a job with protected time to make podcasts (just joking…seriously- please don’t start emailing high ranking Army officials…)

Have a great week


The EM Basic Project- Monoarticular Arthritis

This is the premiere of the first contribution to the EM Basic Project.  Dr. Brian Cohn from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri is on the podcast today talking about mono-articular arthritis.  He reviews the common physical exam findings, the appropriate lab work and medications, how to avoid common pitfalls in this diagnosis, some evidence based medicine pearls and even some relevant medical trivia.  Dr. Cohn is one of the authors of the EMJ club podcast which reviews common EM topics in a journal club style format.

Monoarticular arthritis by Dr. Brian Cohn

Monoarticular Arthritis Show Notes (Word Format)

Monoarticular Arthritis Show Notes (PDF)

EMJ club podcast

Anatomy of a Resuscitation

This episode is unlike anything I have ever done with EM Basic.  I had a case recently of a super sick patient who required a big resuscitation.  Fortunately, the patient did great and was gracious enough to give me her permission to share her case so that others can learn.  In this episode, we’ll go over what happened with this patient step by step and I’ll review some valuable teaching points on how to get things done in the resuscitation bay and how to think about treating critically ill patients.

Anatomy of a Resuscitation


EMCrit on intubating patients in shock

EMCrit on push dose pressors

EMCrit on….. (don’t look or you’ll spoil the surprise!)

The EM Basic Project, Part 2

Hey everybody,

After I posted the EM Basic project post, it occurred to me that for some people, doing an audio podcast right off the bat may not be the most appealing thing in the world.  After all- you have to spend time and money setting up audio equipment and after all of that- what if you can’t stand the sound of your own voice!?!?

No worries- you can also submit scripts (with show notes) to EM Basic and I will record them for you.  While I fully encourage you to take the plunge into podcasting, I realize that may be too much for some.  Even providing a script will help me immensely with producing more content for the podcast since it is what takes the most time.  You will ALWAYS get credit for your work on the website and on the podcast but this could be an easy first step into the world of creating your own FOAM.

If you’re interested, head over the the “Submit a Script or Podcast to EM Basic”, download the submission guidelines and the distribution agreement, email me if you have any questions (steve@embasic.org) and let’s get started.


The EM Basic Project

If you are a senior resident or attending in emergency medicine- this is your chance to contribute to the podcast.  I will be accepting quality submissions for the podcast with help every step of the way.

Don’t want to commit to buying audio equipment?  Don’t like the sound of your own voice?  No worries!  I will accept both scripts for episodes and full length audio podcasts.  No matter what, you will ALWAYS get credit for your work on the website and in the podcast.

I’m also looking for a webmaster to help spruce up the blog page on a temporary or continuous basis.

In addition- if you have an idea for a blog or a podcast or don’t even know where to start, email me and I can help.  Email me at steve@embasic.org.

The EM Basic Project Podcast

If you want to contribute to the podcast- download the podcast guidelines and distribution agreement.  The guidelines will spell out everything you need to do to create and episode.  The distribution agreement spells out that you will always keep the copyright to any materials that you publish here.

EM Basic Submission Guidelines

EM Basic Podcast Distribution Agreement

Still interested? Head over to Contribute to EM Basic to check out possible topics