The EM Basic Project

If you are a senior resident or attending in emergency medicine- this is your chance to contribute to the podcast.  I will be accepting quality submissions for the podcast with help every step of the way.

Don’t want to commit to buying audio equipment?  Don’t like the sound of your own voice?  No worries!  I will accept both scripts for episodes and full length audio podcasts.  No matter what, you will ALWAYS get credit for your work on the website and in the podcast.

I’m also looking for a webmaster to help spruce up the blog page on a temporary or continuous basis.

In addition- if you have an idea for a blog or a podcast or don’t even know where to start, email me and I can help.  Email me at

The EM Basic Project Podcast

If you want to contribute to the podcast- download the podcast guidelines and distribution agreement.  The guidelines will spell out everything you need to do to create and episode.  The distribution agreement spells out that you will always keep the copyright to any materials that you publish here.

EM Basic Submission Guidelines

EM Basic Podcast Distribution Agreement

Still interested? Head over to Contribute to EM Basic to check out possible topics