Links to Some Great EM Podcasts and Websites


Paid Podcasts:

EM:RAP (Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives): The gold standard in emergency medicine education, residents can join ACEP and EMRA for 55 bucks a year to get it for free.  Medical students can get it for a discounted price in addition to the ACEP/EMRA fee and it is worth it!

EMA (Emergency Medical Abstracts): A fast paced monthly review of the literature, also free with ACEP and EMRA resident membership, both EM:RAP and EMA are available through the EMRA website.

EMCast: Monthly reviews from Dr. Amal Mattu and company on  Costs 30 bucks a year as a resident but totally worth it


Free Podcasts:

All are available on iTunes

FOAMcast– a podcast by Drs. Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust to review the core content behind current FOAMed blog posts and podcasts.

All NYC EM conference podcast– talks from the All NYC EM conferences- great core content reviews and more cutting edge topics as well

EMCrit: Emergency medicine critical care topics from Dr Scott Weingart.  Use with caution if you’re a beginner but its really cutting edge stuff.  Free in iTunes and on his website at

SMACC: The podcasts from lectures at Social Media and Critical Care Conference 2013.  An amazing collection of cutting edge lectures in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesia.

The RAGE Podcast– The Resuscitation’s Awesome Guide to Everything- a roundtable discussion of current critical care topics from experts around the globe

ERCast: A community emergency medicine doc getting curbside consultation from all sorts of specialists.  A great practice based podcast.  Free on iTunes and on his website at

Pediatric Emergency Playbook: A peds EM podcast by Dr. Tim Horeczko- a double boarded EM and Peds EM doc at Harbor-UCLA.  Each podcast reviews basic topics in peds EM to include the undifferentiated sick infant, intranasal medications, and pediatric RSI.

PEM ED podcast: A pediatric emergency podcast by Andy Sloas- a dual trained EM and Peds EM PEM who provides great information on pediatric emergency medicine topics including febrile infants, clearing the pediatric c-spine, pediatric airway, and more

EMPEM: A great Peds EM podcast with lots of great, basic info with more advanced topics as well

EMJ Club: An online journal club from Washington University in Saint Louis.  An excellent podcast with deep dives on the latest papers and their methods.

Free Emergency Medicine Talks: A HUGE collection of- you guessed it- FREE Emergency Medicine Talks- hosted by Joe Lex.

Broomedocs: An incredible blog run by doctors in rural Australia with limited resources and limited access.  My favorite are the “Lessons Hard Learned” where clinicians share their stories of lessons learned the hard way.

Practical Evidence: Another podcast by Mr. EmCrit, Scott Weingart.  Excellent and concise reviews of the need to know guidelines in emergency medicine.  Not publishing new episodes at this time but the information is still great.

ToxTalk: An audio podcast from the University of Massachusetts Emergency Medicine residency program.  The ultimate podcast for those “tox geeks” out there.

The Dirt Medicine podcast: A podcast by Pete Anderson, MD made for military medics but with great information for any prehospital or ED provider.  He covers relevant topics on RSI, burn resuscitation, and how to use ketamine, to name a few.  Not an active podcast but great information.

Medical School HQ: “Your Hub for Medical School Knowledge” A great resource for the pre-meds out there- everything you need to know about how to get into medical school without the craziness of Student Doctor Network


Free websites: Made by Dr. Cliff Reid, an EM doc in Australia.  Summarizes EM relevant literature from all over the globe

Life in the Fast Lane: EM docs in Australia that have their own mix of education and humor that’s hard to beat

The Trauma Professional’s Blog: A blog written by Dr. Michael McGonigal, a trauma surgeon in Minnesota.  Each post goes through a trauma topic with supporting primary literature.  If you are looking to expand your knowledge on advanced trauma topics, this is the blog to go to.

EM Literature of Note: Reviews of the latest and greatest of the EM literature by Dr. Ryan Radecki that are extremely educational while always having a constant eye on the conflicts of interest in the medical literature.

EM Trends: A blog by one of my residency colleagues focused on literature reviews of currently trending topics in EM, ultrasound, and critical care.  Focused and to the point with excellent analysis of the current literature across many different journals.