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  1. Kevin Ellis says:

    Thank you for these great podcasts – have just filled in your podacst survey – forgot to say, any ideas on a great podcast for General Practice (Family Medicine). I’m based in UK… Thinking of starting one myself, but while I’m still training, would be great to find noe that I could use!
    Keep up the good work,

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening. Its great to know that there are international listeners out there from different specialties that are finding the podcast useful. As far as family medicine podcasts- there aren’t any that I listen to myself but I have seen a few out there on iTunes. The one I have seen frequently is the UCLA internal medicine podcast that would probably be useful for the IM/FP crowd. Here’s the link:

      One of my friends from college is an FP resident- I’ll ask her if there are any podcasts that she finds useful and post another comment on this thread.

      If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of how to start podcasting- the EM:RAP Educator’s Edition has two podcasts that will be very helpful- I sure wish I had found them before I started! Here are the links:

      Even though you are still training its not too early to start thinking about starting a podcast- your topic, your angle, the format, and the like. Thanks again for listening and feel free to drop a comment or email anytime.


      • EM Basic says:


        As promised- I emailed my friend from college. She doesn’t listen to any family medicine related podcasts but did recommend her residency’s social media site. I did a little poking around and they have some good videos on bread and butter family medicine topics. Some of them can be downloaded as audio files as well.

        Here’s the link:

        Hope that helps and thanks for listening


      • Carlos Crespo, MD says:

        Hi Steve, I am an EM Doc in Monterrey Mexico and I want to ask you if you are planning to keep on with your cast, which is excelent, because the last one I could hear is the one from Oct. 2012
        Carlos F crespo, MD

      • EM Basic says:


        Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad that you find the podcast useful.

        I have been slacking on the episodes but EM Basic is still alive and well- just on a little hiatus. I have had a lot of other projects come up (stay tuned) that have gotten in the way. The next episode will be on eye complaints but probably won’t be until after the new year when I can get a few episodes together.

        Thanks again and stay tuned


    • EM Basic says:


      I was reviewing this page for another comment and remembered about your comment a long time back. I recently came across several primary care podcasts in iTunes since you last commented:

      These are just two that I found by searching for “primary care” that I know did not exist about 18 months when you first commented. I haven’t reviewed these myself but just a note to let you know that the primary care podcast realm is expanding.



    • Billy Lin says:

      Not sure if this will reach Kevin, but for the off chance that it might, here’s an invitation to check out the “Family Pharm Podcast” (, a new podcast focusing on priority topics in general practice. I started the podcast not long ago with a soon-to-be pharmacist, and I am a family medicine resident myself. It’s a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it :)

      It’s great to see the medical blogo-casto-sphere growing with the EM community as the driving force, but I agree with you that the FM/GP world is another area that is very amendable to this medium.

      And kudos to Steven and EM Basic. I heard about your podcast on Rob’s ER Cast, and quickly downloaded all of your episodes. This is one of the best podcasts for medical trainees hands down!

      • EM Basic says:


        Thanks so much for commenting and listening. Kevin should be able to see your response- I have others who have asked about FM podcasts- I will refer them your way.

        Thanks for the kudos


      • Kevin says:

        Hi Billy, and Steve
        Got your message! Thank you!
        Also, looked up other resources Steve – thank you
        Will download the pods and take a listen.
        Good to hear somebody doing something for FM/GP!
        I’m tempted to get something going here in the UK – but making time is the issue!
        Will feedback soon!
        Happy New Year to you all!


      • EM Basic says:


        Good to hear- glad I could help!


  2. AGB says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the podcasts! I am an EM PA and although in practice for a little over a year, I find myself learning at least a couple new tips or things in each of your lectures.

    Just one little feedback thing: could you speak a little more slowly? I often have to rewind and listen again because I have trouble understanding when your words sometimes run together. (And yes, I speak fluent English!) ;-)

    I know you have a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time, but I’d rather listen a few minutes longer so you can speak a little less fast.

    Hope you don’t mind the note! Otherwise, I’m loving listening.

    Thanks again so much for sharing!
    Agustina B., PA-C

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for listening and thanks for commenting. I really appreciate the feedback. You aren’t the first person to comment on the speaking rate and I’m trying to speak slower but I’ll try harder! Maybe I need a metronome or something in the background or just keep reminding myself to speak slower. I’m sure its obvious that I read from a typed script and that leads itself towards speaking faster instead of using an outline. For the first few episodes, I tried going from an outline and it just didn’t work.

      Thanks again for the comment and thanks for listening.


    • EM Basic says:


      I really tried to slow down for the shortness of breath podcast that I just posted. Let me know what you think


  3. adam says:

    I just discovered your podcast last week…they are great! I’m a 3rd year medical student and I wish I had come across these podcasts earlier. Even though I haven’t done any EM rotations, these help me with the differential and work-up for common problems that come up in almost all rotations. I will start spreading the word on this podcast to my friends. I’m sure they will appreciate it!

    Also, I really like how there is lots of repetition throughout the podcast….this helps key points sink in without having to rewind while exercising or driving!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for the comments. I’m glad that you are finding the podcast useful. I can tell you that the recent survey that I did (which I am presenting at a meeting in 2 weeks) showed that the podcast had the biggest educational impact on 3rd year medical students. So you found it just in time!

      Thanks also for spreading the word about the podcast. If you can, if you have an EM interest group at your school, let them know about it because that’s exactly the audience I’m trying to reach. Just out of curiosity- how did you find out about the podcast yourself?

      Feel free to drop a line with any topics you would like to hear about and thanks for listening.


      • adam says:

        No problem. I wanted to prepare for an upcoming lecture on abdominal pain but didn’t have much time to read because I was doing a lot of traveling. I searched iTunes for “abdominal pain” and your podcast was the first to show up! I’ve listened to about half of the episodes since then, and plan to keep listening to more!

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Steve, I’m a final year medical student in Australia about to sit my last exams. Its a post grad course here and after 9 years of uni I was really struggling for the motivation to study! Your podcasts have been an amazing break from reading books and writing notes. I can’t believe it’s taken me 9 years to discover the yield of educational podcasts! Thanks heaps and keep up the good work!


    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for the message. I’m glad that you find the podcast useful and that it’s helped you get through the grind of training. Having just graduated residency myself, I know what you mean about the long road and that’s great that yours is finishing up.

      Good luck on your upcoming exams. Hopefully I will have a new podcast within the next week- I know I have been slacking off!


  5. RH says:

    Hey Steve- awesome podcast! I’m a MS4 applying for EM currently (and an ND grad!) and listening to the podcast is preparing me well for an upcoming away.. thanks so much for putting the time and effort into it. I really appreciate the fact that you debunk common misconceptions as that’s always a big pet peeve of mine! One suggestion: I may be the only one who wants this.. but there are certain things that you might be able to explain a little bit more clearly in terms of pathophys and the reasons WHY certain things are done. I know EM is typically not a field that loves to delve into the nitty gritty of why, but its much easier for me to remember things if I remember why they’re done/why things happen. Overall though, really awesome job!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for commenting and thanks for listening. I understand what you are saying about doing a little more pathophys. I agree that pathophys can help you understand topics a little better. It’s a balance because I don’t want people to be bored either. That being said, I can try to incorporate a little more pathophys and see how that goes. I am working on an episode on stroke and TIA which will lend itself to some more pathophys so I will give it a shot.

      Thanks again and GO IRISH!


  6. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot for your podcast! I am an MS4 about to apply for EM and this has been a great help on my rotations. Great summaries on chief complaints, I really like the way you go through everything. I was wondering if you had a list of articles that you would advise students/interns to read as a beyond the books type basic information. I have read all the basic student books and am looking for some primary or review literature to supplement my knowledge. Do you have any recommendations? In any case, thank you very much for your podcast, it is fantastic!

    P.S. I am the educational chair of my EMIG and have hooked the whole group onto your work! Many episodes were great for the IM rotation as well

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for commenting and thanks for listening. I had the same request for a reading list from people in my program but I never got around to it. I have some studies in mind so I will try to compile a list of the “must read” EM articles. I’ll try to compile a few at a time, see what I come up with, and post it once I have a good list.

      Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for telling your EMIG about the podcast. Referrals are the highest compliment so I appreciate it.


  7. Love it! I also make podcasts and other way of making medical education a bit more lively and find your podcasts inspirational. From one medic geek to another, I just had to ask: Is the new mic from Dec 2011 a Blue Yeti? That signal to noise ratio is pretty sweet.

    Whatever mic you used, it takes a clear understanding of the concepts to produce something so clear, so informative, and so memorable. Thanks! From a new doctor in Birmingham, UK.

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for the kudos. To answer your question- yes, that is a Blue Yeti microphone. I love it and it works great for the podcast. I’m trying to take the next step up in sound quality but that will most likely involve post-production tweaking because I have no desire whatsoever to spend boatloads on more audio equipment!

      Where can I find your podcast? I am always looking for new podcasts to expand my horizons.

      Thanks again for the comment and thanks for listening


      • drcrunch says:

        Hey Steve,

        Thought so – the Blue Yeti has to have the best performance:price ratio for an electronic product.

        Some of my podcasts are on YouTube e.g. It’s all part of a medical education dream I have at – would be grateful for some feedback and advice! I may turn some of the things I learn from your podcast into SBA/MCQs, and then link to your podcast for the explanation.


      • EM Basic says:


        Feel free to take any of the podcasts and use them for your educational materials- I strongly encourage it! I’ll take a look at your YouTube channel sometime and let you know what I think



  8. Allison T says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your podcasts have been a tremedous help! I’m an MS4 currently on a MICU rotation and have 2 EM audition rotations coming up. In the MICU, we seem to have a lot of admissions for electrolyte imbalances (mostly hyponatremia). Perhaps a show on how to manage these patients in the ED would be helpful. Thanks!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for listening and thanks for your comment. A few listeners have requested an electrolyte episode and most have asked about hyponatremia since we see it so much. I will bump this topic to the front of the line for an episode. I’ll also do an episode on hyperkalemia since that is the other abnormality that we see so much. In the mean time- I’ll refer you to the EmCrit podcast which did an episode on hyponatremia a while back-

      Good luck on your MICU and EM audition rotations


  9. Heather says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am a 4th yr medical student in Sudbury, ON Canada. I randomly found your podcasts through iTunes while trying to supplement my medical education. I really appreciate your podcasts; I do a lot of driving and I like listening to them on the road. Your approach and repetition of key concepts helps me solidify my understanding. This is my first visit to the website (to get the accompanying materials for the airway podcast!). I start my 4th year EM rotation tomorrow, so I am sure I’ll be back soon : )

    Thank you very much!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for your post and thanks for listening. It looks like you found the podcast just in time for your EM rotation- I’m glad that you find them useful.

      Thanks again for listening and good luck on your upcoming EM rotation


  10. Zachary Grambos says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’m an EM intern in South Carolina and frequently use your podcast as well as some others during those hours off when I’m doing other life related stuff. I was introduced to EM basic through one of our chief residents over the spring. I’m currently trying to get my Program director to implement your podcast in our education for incoming interns for next year. I’d like to build some quizzes to go along with them as well to build retention. Any thoughts on that or are you opposed to someone else building quizzes based on your podcast?

    Thanks for all your hard work!


    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. That is great that your chiefs recommended the podcast- referrals like that are the highest compliment I can get.

      As far as the quizzes- feel free to use the podcast to make any educational materials you want. In fact, it would be great to see lots of these kinds of projects. If it is quality work and you want to put it out to the world at large in the spirit of Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) then I will even host it on my website if you want. So feel free to use the podcast however you see fit and let me know if I can help


  11. Brian Dillon says:

    Dear Steve,
    Even though I am an experienced residency trained Er doc (1988 UAMS go hogs go), I find your podcasts a good review, especially going over the basic science behind what we do. Although we know what so do, some of us old guys might forget the fine points of the science behind the treatments, for example the biochem of DKA and how it is different from NKHypergycemic state. That was the first one I listened to. great podcast! Another example is how you explain newer things, such as noninvasive ventilation, that weren’t taught when I was coming up.I have been using it for years, but being able to explain the science to others I work with is helpful. In a busy commnunity hospital, sometimes it seems pulmonary would rather people were intubated, so they won’t get called in the night.
    I wouldn’t mind if you got into the controversies more (TPA doesn’t work for stroke but does for PE!). The older I get the more I see how things go in and out of style. Be skeptical! (think like Jerry Hoffman)

    Keep up the great work,

    b dillon MD
    shreveport LA

    • EM Basic says:

      Thank so much for listening and thanks for your comments. I’m glad you find it useful and that it helps you in your everyday practice. People have told me that it is a good review for everyone and that’s always great to hear.

      As far as the controversies- I’m gonna handle those with kid gloves given my audience of medical students and interns. There are plenty of those out there who can talk your ear off regarding the TPA controversy and I always refer to those. My game is more presenting the basics, letting people know the controversies, and making sure I don’t give my audience a “too big for their britches” complex when they go espousing the latest controversies. Maybe one day I will venture into this area (need a little more street cred as a fresh attending) so stay tuned.

      Thanks again for the comment and thanks for listening. I should have an episode on eye complaints sometime after the new year


  12. e says:

    First thank you SOOOO much fr making these ….. they have changed my life !!! you are a gifted lecturer…. one might say the Goljan of EM!! second i came up with a list of topics that I recently encountered in the ED that I was not entirely comfortable with …. these are not huge topics but maybe you can do mini podcasts as well. Also what do you think about doing cases ….. from “simple/boring” cases (to still keep us on our toes ) to really hard/complicated cases …. you can learn a lot from them.

    1) HIV including approach to – CD4 counts, antibiotics, pneumonias — LDH , endocarditis and other causes of fever

    2) Tachycardia Dx and Rx drugs
    3) Derm with lots and lots of pics — stevens jhonson , TEN , serum sickness , Allergic reaction , Erysipalis vs cellulitis (vs DVT) , drug rash
    4) seizures — drug levels, 1st time seizure in a child, febrile seizure , known seizure disorder – when to load someone before getting levels , pseudo -seizures ( that was not a siezure …. that was a dance move — best EM you tube video !)
    5) Mouth things — Dental – tooth fracture and avulsion , necratizing gingavostomatitis , Angioedema vs Epiglotitis vs ludwigs vs parotititis vs retopharangeal abcess vs PTA
    6 ) Penetrating neck trauma
    7) occupational exposure needle stick …. what do you need to ask the pt ??
    8) Ortho –> arms , shoulders , elbows , wrists, fingers —> types of fractures , improtant fractures , splints , 7 characteristics of a fracture , when to call ortho , maybe one podcast could be upper extremity and one could be lower
    9) thyroid toxicosis/storm
    10 ) chest tube indications …. I never saw one before and saw 5 this past month

    Thank you once again

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks so much for commenting- I am glad that you find the podcasts useful.

      Those are great suggestions and I plan on getting to a lot of those topics some time in the future. To be honest HIV will be a little tougher for me- I didn’t see a ton of HIV in residency (since I am in the military) so I am not a big expert on that.

      For the other suggestions- those are definitely good topics. I was planning on doing seizures (with a separate episode on febrile seizures) sometime soon but I want to do an essential evidence episode first. Seizures may have to wait until after the SMACC conference in Australia (early March) since I will be busy prepping for that.

      I will definitely do a podcast on my VERY basic approach to derm in the ED so you don’t miss the bad stuff. Here’s a preview- most isolated derm complaints end with “go see your family doctor in a few days” :)

      For ortho- in the mean time- I did some video podcasts for board review on ortho- you can find them at

      My videos aren’t the only ones- there are plenty of other great videos spanning many different topics

      Thanks again for writing and thanks for listening


  13. Stephanie says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m a fourth year medical student and just recently finished an Emergency Medicine rotation.
    We had some required reading chapters from Rosen’s and I was listening to your podcast episodes during my commute to and from the clinical rotation. Your podcast really helped me to solidify all the essential points on the topics which you presented, as they complemented the reading material. So, thank you very much for making this podcast!! I really appreciate your time and effort. Also, thanks for providing your clinical pearls and advice–the type of stuff you can’t find in a textbook–for example, the manners in which to ask certain questions to gain information, physician-patient interactions, etc. Thank you!!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad that the podcast is supplementing your learning. Out of curiosity- how did you hear about the podcast?

      Thanks again and good luck with the upcoming match


  14. Mannuel tuttu says:

    I am a nursing student currently doing masters degree i love ur podcasts they right to the point shots.on my listening i have heard some website u mentioned on hyponatremia podcast something called promenetwork.I really didnot got it please can you send me the web url.Also as part of our requirement i would like to arrange a emergency medicine conferance.if you can attend it,will be very kind of you only online skype based class is needed

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for commenting and thanks for listening. I’m glad that you find the podcast useful.

      The website I mentioned was the ProMed Network. You can find it at

      I would be more than happy to do a presentation by skype. Where are you located and do you have a date set aside? I may need some lead time to polish a presentation. Is there any specific topic you would like me to speak on?

      Email me at and we can figure out the details.

      Thanks again


  15. Scott wieters says:

    Steve this is Scott wieters. I am the medical student clerkship director at Texas A&M University College of medicine at Scott and White Hospital system. My first taste of emergency medicine was granted by the fine folks at BAMC when I was a medical student in San Antonio back in the 1990s. I stumbled across your website and am blown away. I’m always trying to reinvent the wheel and get better Information communicated to my rotating medical students. I’ve used my own lectures and others. I’m always interested in better ways of doing things. The obvious next step given the way this new generation learns, are podcasts. Most of what I’ve seen is been far too advanced for med student information. But yours hits the nail right on the head. Can I have permission to send links of your podcasts on basic emergency medicine topics to my medical students? You and others like you are the future of medical education. Thanks for being a trailblazer!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for the message and thanks for listening. Please feel free to tell anyone and everyone about the podcast- referrals from clerkship directors such as yourself help spread the word about the podcast and get more listeners. I am always appreciative of new referrals.

      Are you at Scott and White in the Temple area or is there another hospital closer to College Station (you had mentioned College Station). I am currently working in the Fort Hood area so I am close by. Either way- I am trying to get experience giving grand rounds presentations so if you have any space on your schedule, I would love to come out and give a talk. Drop me a line at if that is a possibility.

      Thanks again


  16. Greg Mete says:

    Steve, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the informative podcasts you provide. These are succinct and extremely helpful. I’m a practicing PA is Alaska and though I’m in family medicine I get many of the conditions you discuss walk through my door. You’re easy to understand, you speak clearly and best of all for me, you review each talking point at the end. Your contributions are making health care better. I’m already a better provider because of you. Thank you for all you hard work. And thank your wife for me for letting you take the time to do this! Greg

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for commenting and thanks for listening. I’m glad that they are helping you be a better provider- especially in a place like Alaska! It’s always great to hear from listeners that the podcast is having an impact- that’s why I do it.

      I will pass your thanks onto my wife- she has been super supportive of this endeavor. I always make sure to work on episodes when she is otherwise busy as a peds resident because family time is super important to both of us. What I need is a job that gives me protected time to do the podcast- if you could email the Secretary of the Army and tell him to make that happen, I would appreciate it :) That way I could probably do away with the disclaimer and produce twice as many episodes.

      Thanks again for listening


  17. Theresa says:

    Great work!!! I’m an intern and listen to your podcasts as often as I have time, and I also carry your note sheets to work as part of my “reference brain.” You have definitely improved my understanding of emergency medicine basics and I apply your work-up strategies on a daily basis. Thank you so much!!!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad that you find the podcast useful- that’s why I do it. Feel free to drop me a line anytime with suggestions for future shows.


  18. Damon Victor says:

    Just a thank you for taking the time and creating these podcast. I am a paramedic in alameda county and this is so valuable. If you get a chance maybe you could post something on trauma turnovers from the medic. What information is most important to he er.

    Take care,

    Damon V.

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting- I am glad that you find the podcast useful. I did talk a little about medic turnovers in the trauma resuscitation episode and the prehospital episode- have you checked out those episodes yet?

      Thanks again


  19. Damon Victor says:

    Nope… But I will be sure to. Lastly, when traumas or stat patients are brought in with the environment being so chaotic what do you do that helps to keep you calm in the moment?


  20. Sophie G says:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic resource! The podcasts are amazing! I am a medical student in the UK and I listen to them whilst I am running, and always, always learn so much from them. You explain things clearly and so often include practical advice that can not be found in books.

    Many thanks again,

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad that you find the podcast useful- that I why I do them! I use podcasts the same way- usually while driving and it makes my time so much more productive and I also learn a lot.

      Thanks again


  21. Steve Young says:

    Hi Steve
    Great podcast on PE I listen along with Smart EM podcast on all the evidence and it such an interesting topic. Keep giving me the podcasts I love them! Just starting in Swansea in Wales for my next ED job your knowledge make me look like i know something at least!
    Keep up the good work
    PS Id love to do a podcast myself at some point maybe from an NHS viewpoint!

    • EM Basic says:

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I’m glad that you find it useful and that it helps your practice- that’s why I do it!

      I would love an international perspective on EM- I have lots of international listeners so it would be very welcome! Feel free to pick a topic from the EM Basic Project page if you want to do a podcast


  22. Daniel says:

    Just found your podcast, and wanted to say thanks! I’m a PA student in my clinical year, and your DKA podcast really broke it down for me. I will definitely be listening to more of these in the future, and will be recommending your site to my classmates!

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. Glad to hear that the podcast is helping you- that’s why I do it. Thanks also for referring your classmates.


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