The EM Basic Project, Part 2

Hey everybody,

After I posted the EM Basic project post, it occurred to me that for some people, doing an audio podcast right off the bat may not be the most appealing thing in the world.  After all- you have to spend time and money setting up audio equipment and after all of that- what if you can’t stand the sound of your own voice!?!?

No worries- you can also submit scripts (with show notes) to EM Basic and I will record them for you.  While I fully encourage you to take the plunge into podcasting, I realize that may be too much for some.  Even providing a script will help me immensely with producing more content for the podcast since it is what takes the most time.  You will ALWAYS get credit for your work on the website and on the podcast but this could be an easy first step into the world of creating your own FOAM.

If you’re interested, head over the the “Submit a Script or Podcast to EM Basic”, download the submission guidelines and the distribution agreement, email me if you have any questions ( and let’s get started.