A little hiatus…again…

Hey everybody,

Just a quick post to say that I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus on the podcast but it’s not dead!  I promise!  Look for a new podcast on or around December 1st- it’s going to be epic!

My current alibi- I started an online Masters in Medical Education in September and it has taken a lot of the time that I used to have available to produce the podcast.  I am currently taking two classes now which will drop to one next month for the rest of the year so I will hopefully have some more time in a few weeks.

All of this to say- if you or someone you know can make a good episode for the EM Basic Project please consider doing so!  This will help me publish new content when things get busy for me.  Alternatively, you could email someone high up in the Army and tell them to give me a job with protected time to make podcasts (just joking…seriously- please don’t start emailing high ranking Army officials…)

Have a great week