COPD/Shortness of breath

EM Basic is back with another episode of the EM Basic Project.  In today’s episode Drs. Tim Peck and Colby Redfield review the chief complaint of shortness of breath with a focus on COPD.  Even though we did an episode on shortness of breath a while back, it’s always great to get a new perspective on this chief complaint.  Today’s episode also features a very special guest cameo by the name of Dr. Peter Rosen.  He pretty much started EM as a speciality and you may have seen his name on a textbook or two.

The authors are also launching a new website today called iClickEM in beta version.  This site may very well change the way you gather and collate your online education in Emergency Medicine.  They will be starting in a closed-beta version with 1,000 access codes available starting today.  So if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor and helping them build this website, check it out at

Please send me submissions for the EM Basic Project so we can keep moving with the podcast.  If you didn’t see the previous post, I recently started an online Master’s in Medical Education which has taken a lot of time away from the podcast.  Things will get better with the new year as my course load drops but I still need your help to produce new content!  If you are interested, check out the submission page, pick a topic, and let’s get started.

COPD/SOB Podcast

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