Oxygen in COPD- followup

The last podcast on COPD led to some great discussion online about the use of oxygen in patients with COPD.  To address this, Drs. Tim Peck and Colby Redfield are back with a quick summary to clarify how to best use oxygen in patients with COPD.  There’s also another cameo by the one and only Dr. Peter Rosen on how to succeed in emergency medicine.

Here’s the big points:

-Don’t hesitate to give high flow oxygen to hypoxic patients with shortness of breath- especially in the first 30-60 minutes of the resuscitation.

-After the patient has stabilized- give enough oxygen via nasal cannula (or lower flow face mask) to titrate their pulse ox between 88 and 92%.  DO NOT leave patients with COPD on high flow oxygen for long periods of time.

Oxygen in COPD- followup

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