Salicylate Overdose

Today’s episode is another installment for the EM Basic Project by Dr. Andrea Sarchi. Salicylate overdose is a toxidrome that we have to be on the lookout for in the ED. While some cases are obvious because the patient or EMS can tell us what they took, some cases are subtle and require vigilance to make the diagnosis. In this episode we’ll review the important history and physical points, how to order the right tests, manage the toxicity, and properly disposition the patient.

Salicylate Overdose Podcast

Salicylate Overdose Show Notes (Word Format)

Salicylate Overdose Show Notes (PDF)

Another pitch for the EM Basic Project. I am now opening up submissions from 4th year medical students, EM interns, and EM junior residents. The only requirement is that you work with an attending at your institution to develop your script or podcast. If you want information- check out the EM Basic Project Submission Guidelines.

Sunday July 27th, 2014 will be the 3rd anniversary of the podcast. I will be releasing a special episode sometime during that week in a brand new format. Stay tuned!