Airway Update Screencast

Today is the third anniversary of the EM Basic podcast.  To celebrate this milestone, this is a screencast titled “Airway Update”.  I first prepared this lecture about two years ago for a conference but the topics are still relevant today.  This will be most useful for medical students and EM interns who may not have been exposed to these airway topics.  This screencast will help catch you up on what we have been talking about over the last two years on social media and FOAMed.  We’ll review apenic oxygenation, delayed sequence intubation, how to effectively use ketamine in your practice, awake cricothyrotomy, and more.

Thank you to everyone for your support of the podcast.  When I started I could have never dreamed EM Basic would be as successful as it is.

Airway Update Screencast

Airway Update Screencast Show Notes (Word Format)

Airway Update Screencast Show Notes (PDF)

First- read this paper

Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation During Emergency Airway Management

Web link (free full text)


Resources mentioned during the podcast:

EMCrit on Apenic Oxygenation and Preoxygenation

ERcast screencast on Apenic Oxygenation and Preoxygenation

EMCrit on Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)

Bougie Aided Cric from Dr. Darren Braude (video)

Airway lessons from skydiving in Annals of EM (paid access)

Awake Cricothyrotomy Case Report (free full text PDF)

The Airway “Double Setup” from

The Usual State of Readiness (Being Prepared) from

Pediatric RSI video review (Free full text)

Pediatric Critical Procedures (PubMed)

Glidescope vs. Macintosh laryngoscope for foreign body removal (PubMed)

DL vs. VL by Richard Levitan in Annals of EM (paid access)

The Carroll Emergency Treatment Algorithm (CETA)

Carroll Emergency Treatment Algorithm (CETA)