Thyroid Emergencies by Dr. Patrick Ng

Today’s episode is a quick review of Thyroid emergencies by Dr. Patrick Ng, a 3rd year EM resident in San Antonio, recorded by Jacob Schriner MS-3.  Thyroid emergencies can be difficult to recognize in the ED because they present in so many different ways.  Today’s episode will review how to recognize these emergencies, order the right tests, and provide the correct critical treatments.

Thyroid Emergencies

Thyroid Emergencies Show Notes (Word Format)

Thyroid Emergencies Show Notes (PDF)


EmCrit on Thyroid Storm Critical Care

Check out out bandwidth sponsor EB Medicine.  They have a free issue on Thyroid Emergencies that you can download here.  Residents can get free access and EM attendings can get a discount at the EM Basic page on EB Medicine.