Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a chief complaint that we encounter each day in the ED.  This chief complaint encompasses a huge differential and this is a long podcast.  As always, I’ll break this chief complaint down into the diagnoses that we can’t miss and how to treat the underlying causes of shortness of breath for both kids and adults.

Shortness of breath podcast

Shortness of Breath show notes (Word format)

Shortness of Breath show notes (PDF format)

Two more podcast recommendations

PEM ED- Pediatric emergency podcast by Andy Sloas- a PEM fellow at Texas Children’s Hospital who provides great information on pediatric emergency medicine topics including febrile infants, clearing the pediatric c-spine, pediatric airway, and more

PEM ED podcast

Dirt Medicine- A podcast by Pete Anderson, MD made for military medics but with great information for any prehospital or ED provider.  He covers relevant topics on RSI, burn resuscitation, and how to use ketamine, to name a few.

The Dirt Medicine podcast