Psychiatric Emergencies Part 2 with Dr. Les Zun

Today’s episode is the second and final part of Dr. Sheyna Gifford’s interview with Dr. Les Zun on psychiatric emergencies.  This episode will talk more about treating depressed patients, what you can do for patients who board in your ED for hours to days to even a week, and medications used for treatment of acute agitation in the ED.

Psychiatric Emergencies Part 2

A note to EM Basic listeners-

EM Basic may be on a little bit of a hiatus…maybe…

In the next week I will be deploying to Afghanistan for 4 and a half months to help staff the ED of a well established hospital. Believe it or not, the person I am replacing has told me that he has excellent internet access so I may be able to keep recording episodes in my down time. However, nothing is guaranteed regarding internet access so you may not be hearing anything from EM Basic for the next few months. I want to thank everyone who has contributed scripts for recording- if I have internet access in Afghanistan and enough time, I will try to record as many of them as possible. I am scheduled to return in mid-February and my new assignment is at San Antonio Military Medical Center where I did my residency. They have been very supportive of the podcast so I am excited to get the chance to publish lots of new content when I get back from deployment.

Psychiatric Emergencies Part 1 with Dr. Les Zun

Today’s episode is another installment in the EM Basic Project.  Dr. Sheyna Gifford took on the task of interviewing Dr. Les Zun, a nationally known speaker on the topic of psychiatric emergencies.  While we did an episode on psychiatric medical screening before, this episode will focus on some of the tougher situations we encounter in the ED.  For example- What do we do about the patient who is depressed but not suicidal?  How do we calm down agitated patients without reaching for medications?  These are tough questions but Dr. Zun goes througha methodical way of thinking about these issues and offers some real world practical advice that you can use on your next shift.

Psychiatric Emergencies Part 1– Dr. Sheyna Gifford interviewing Dr. Les Zun

Show notes in one master file

Hey everybody,

Thanks to Samiran Bhattacharya, a 4th year at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, you can now download all of the show notes for EM Basic in one easy to use Word or PDF file.  They have been reformatted and edited to allow for easy viewing on any desktop or portable device.

As always- let me know what you think and feel free to suggest any improvements.


EM Basic Pocket Guide- Word Format

EM Basic Pocket Guide- PDF

Hepatic Emergencies from FOAMcast

Today I am handing over the podcast to FOAMcast by Drs. Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust.  A little more than a month ago, Dr. Nick Genes challenged twitter to create core content FOAM for hepatic emergencies.  Lauren and Jeremy did an excellent episode on this topic on FOAMcast so here it is- re-broadcasted on EM Basic.  They’ll review common hepatic emergencies and their managementi in the ED and point you in the right direction to learn even more on this topic.  I haven’t edited their episode at all- it’s all Lauren and Jeremy’s episode.  If you like what you hear, go to or look for FOAMcast on iTunes.

FOAMcast by Drs. Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust

Hepatic Emergencies Podcast from FOAMcast

Hepatic Emergencies Show Notes (Word)

Hepatic Emergencies (PDF)

Airway Update Screencast

Today is the third anniversary of the EM Basic podcast.  To celebrate this milestone, this is a screencast titled “Airway Update”.  I first prepared this lecture about two years ago for a conference but the topics are still relevant today.  This will be most useful for medical students and EM interns who may not have been exposed to these airway topics.  This screencast will help catch you up on what we have been talking about over the last two years on social media and FOAMed.  We’ll review apenic oxygenation, delayed sequence intubation, how to effectively use ketamine in your practice, awake cricothyrotomy, and more.

Thank you to everyone for your support of the podcast.  When I started I could have never dreamed EM Basic would be as successful as it is.

Airway Update Screencast

Airway Update Screencast Show Notes (Word Format)

Airway Update Screencast Show Notes (PDF)

First- read this paper

Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation During Emergency Airway Management

Web link (free full text)


Resources mentioned during the podcast:

EMCrit on Apenic Oxygenation and Preoxygenation

ERcast screencast on Apenic Oxygenation and Preoxygenation

EMCrit on Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)

Bougie Aided Cric from Dr. Darren Braude (video)

Airway lessons from skydiving in Annals of EM (paid access)

Awake Cricothyrotomy Case Report (free full text PDF)

The Airway “Double Setup” from

The Usual State of Readiness (Being Prepared) from

Pediatric RSI video review (Free full text)

Pediatric Critical Procedures (PubMed)

Glidescope vs. Macintosh laryngoscope for foreign body removal (PubMed)

DL vs. VL by Richard Levitan in Annals of EM (paid access)

The Carroll Emergency Treatment Algorithm (CETA)

Carroll Emergency Treatment Algorithm (CETA)