EM Basic is now partnering with EB Medicine

This is a quick announcement to let you know that EM Basic is now partnering with EB Medicine as our official bandwidth sponsor.  EB Medicine publishes many resources in Emergency Medicine to include EM Practice, Pediatric EM Practice, as well as LLSA reviews.  These reviews are made by EM physicians for EM providers and provide the latest evidence based medicine reviews of common EM chief complaints.  Recent issues include management of seizures in the ED, hand injuries, and angioedema.  These are quick and to the point reviews that review everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t.

For residents, you can get free electronic access to all of EB Medicine’s issues for free- no obligation and no strings attached.  EB Medicine is so confident in the quality of their resources that they know you will want to subscribe once you are done training.  I started reading EB Medicine as a resident and it is one of the few resources that I read cover to cover each month.

For attendings and those needing CME- if you visit EB Medicine you will get a great discount and help support the EM Basic podcast with each subscription that is purchased.

In exchange for this, I’ll be promoting EB Medicine’s products at the end of each podcast.  These will be brief and they won’t be intrusive.  In accordance with the previous disclaimer on EM Basic, it has been updated to reflect EB Medicine as our official bandwidth sponsor.  However, EM Basic has an always will be free from any outside influence on the content in the podcast.  EB Medicine or any other company will never have any influence on the educational content of the podcast.  In accordance with this change, I have updated the EM Basic Disclaimer to reflect EB Medicine as a bandwidth sponsor.

Check out the EM Basic page on EB Medicine for information on how to get access for both residents and attendings.

If you don’t have an EB medicine account already- call or email them at the information below and they will set up your free access within minutes:

Telephone: 1-800-249-5770
Email: ebm@ebmedicine.net

EB Medicine Announcement Podcast

Take care


One million and counting

Today marked a big milestone for the EM Basic podcast

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.41.47 AM

One million downloads.  I look at that number and I seriously can’t believe it.

First of all- a few thanks are in order.  Thanks first to Christin, my wife, who has been there since day one (when I had the idea for the podcast while walking our two dogs) and has done everything she can to support this project.  She is always there to listen to my many crazy ideas and provide sound advice- especially in anything pediatrics (her specialty- soon to be Peds critical care).

Thanks also to those who have supported the podcast through submissions to the EM Basic project.  Your help has been invaluable in continuing the podcast with fresh ideas and input.  Thanks especially to Dr. Andrea Sarchi who has been the workhorse as of late by providing scripts for five episodes- two of which are yet to be published.

Finally, thank you to all the listeners out there who give me the motivation to continue this project.  Each episode takes a lot of work but it’s incredibly rewarding to see the download stats continue to climb.  Even more rewarding are the emails that I get saying how much the podcast has helped out in people’s everyday practice of EM.

I did this post not to brag about numbers (I’ve got nothing on EMCrit– we’re talking orders of magnitude…) but to say thank you and to also show how far FOAMed has come in the past few years.  I started this podcast about 3.5 years ago.  I relied on word of mouth and a few recommendations from established websites like Life in the Fast Lane and shout-outs from the gurus like Rob Orman from ercast to get it off the ground.

Since I started EM Basic, there has been an explosion of FOAMed in all areas of EM.  We still have a long way to go in terms of covering the less “sexy” topics but we are making progress.  For example, FOAMcast (another EM core content podcast) recently announced that they hit the 50,000 download mark in about 6 months.  It took me more than a year to do the same with EM Basic.  We have now created a network of knowledge sharing that allows new quality FOAMed to be rapidly distributed and disseminated to all corners of the earth (literally- I can confirm at least one download from Antartica!).

That’s all I’ll say about stats- forever.  Among podcasters, it seems like the first rule of podcasting is you don’t talk about your download stats.  The second rule of podcasting is…well, you know.  That’s also it for the philosophizing.  As I said before- I don’t do this to brag but to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped this project along the way.  I hope to continue this project for a long time and I’ll be counting on your support and contributions to keep it going.

Take care and remember- as Mel Herbert (the god of all EM podcasting) says- What you do matters…



Febrile Seizures

In this episode we are going to talk about febrile seizures.  We see this chief complaint a lot in the ED so it’s important that we know this topic really well.  Today’s script was written by Dr. Andrea Sarchi and will review how to do a good history and physical, how to rule out serious pathology without overtesting, and how to talk with parents.  While simple febrile seizures don’t cause any harm to the child, they are very scary for parents so it’s important that we know the facts so we can re-assure them and prevent future worry.

Febrile Seizures Podcast

Febrile Seizures Show Notes (Word Format)

Febrile Seizures Show Notes (PDF)

New EM podcast for Medical Students interested in EM

EM Stud blog and podcast

EM Stud on iTunes

Ebola Update

Ebola has been in the news for the past few months and it has taken on more urgency in the US as cases have arrived from outside the country  Within the past week, transmission to two healthcare workers outside of Africa has been reported.  Dr. Prabu Selvam, an intern at the Wright-Pratt Emergency Medicine Residency, provided the resources for today’s episode on Ebola.  In this short episode we will discuss appropriate screening for Ebola, it’s signs and symptoms, lab abnormalities, how to confirm infection with laboratory testing, treatment of Ebola, and how to properly isolate patients with this disease.  While now is not the time to panic and think that every fever and sniffle is Ebola, we should certainly be aware of how to properly screen, diagnose, and treat this deadly disease.

Ebola Update Podcast

Ebola Update (Word Format)

Ebola Update (PDF)

Psychiatric Emergencies Part 2 with Dr. Les Zun

Today’s episode is the second and final part of Dr. Sheyna Gifford’s interview with Dr. Les Zun on psychiatric emergencies.  This episode will talk more about treating depressed patients, what you can do for patients who board in your ED for hours to days to even a week, and medications used for treatment of acute agitation in the ED.

Psychiatric Emergencies Part 2

A note to EM Basic listeners-

EM Basic may be on a little bit of a hiatus…maybe…

In the next week I will be deploying to Afghanistan for 4 and a half months to help staff the ED of a well established hospital. Believe it or not, the person I am replacing has told me that he has excellent internet access so I may be able to keep recording episodes in my down time. However, nothing is guaranteed regarding internet access so you may not be hearing anything from EM Basic for the next few months. I want to thank everyone who has contributed scripts for recording- if I have internet access in Afghanistan and enough time, I will try to record as many of them as possible. I am scheduled to return in mid-February and my new assignment is at San Antonio Military Medical Center where I did my residency. They have been very supportive of the podcast so I am excited to get the chance to publish lots of new content when I get back from deployment.