Eye Complaints

EM Basic is back and ready for the new year.  We see various eye complaints a lot in the ED.  This episode will review common eye complaints, their treatments, and a bonus section on how to do a lateral canthotomy.  It’s a long episode but there is lots to cover.  I will get the show notes posted as soon as possible.

Eye Complaints Episode

Eye Complaints (Word Format)

Eye Complaints (PDF)


Slit lamp exam– 24 minutes but excellent and great videos of actual exams- worth watching the whole thing



Fundoscopic exam– kinda cheesy but effective





Ocular ultrasound– from the ultrasound podcast



Lateral Canthotomy on a cadaver



If you didn’t see it before- here is more info on a new project I am involved in:

I completed some video podcasts for emergencyboardreview.com.  This is an awesome project run by Jon Schonert (emchatter.com) and Bob Stuntz (ER Res website and podcast).  The goal here is to create the web’s first and only 100% free EM inservice/board review website.  They have created several videos as well as recruited other EM bloggers to do the same and it is an amazing resource for med students, residents, or anyone studying for an EM exam.

Since I did an ortho review lecture for my own residency’s inservice exam review, that was my contribution.  You can find the vodcasts for free at emergencyboardreview.com and on iTunes as well.