Orthopedic Emergencies Inservice Review Screencast

These three screencasts were originally made for the Emergency Board Review podcast back in 2012 but they are still useful and relevant for the upcoming inservice exam at the end of the month.  Each screencast will review common orthopedic injuries and emergencies in a stepwise fashion.  Part 1 includes injuries to the Thorax and upper extremities, Part 2 covers the wrist and hand, and Part 3 discusses pelvic injuries, lower extremity injuries, and a brief review of pediatric ortho topics.

Even though these are screencasts, even if you can just listen to them, you’ll pick up some valuable information on these injuries.

Part 1- Thorax and Upper Extremities

Part 2- Wrist and Hand

Part 3- Pelvis, Lower Extremities, Pediatric Ortho Topics

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