iTunes feed fixed

Hey everybody,
Today I discovered an issue with the iTunes feed that may have resulted in iTunes subscribers missing out on episodes since late July and/or only downloading the PDFs of the show notes instead of the audio files.  I think I have it fixed- it may only affect you if you use the desktop version of iTunes because I didn’t have any issues with it on my iPhone.  So if you subscribe through iTunes- you may want to refresh your feed and you may have to unsubscribe then re-subscribe to get the episodes you missed.

Here are the affected episodes:

Essential Evidence- Therapeutic Hypothermia

Essential Evidence- BMJ Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Essential Evidence- The NEXUS Study


Essential Evidence- NEJM Rivers Sepsis


Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attach (TIA)


Sorry for the mix-up- I hope the episodes download correctly from now on.  Let me know if you find any other issues