EM Basic is returning in 2017

Hey everybody,

This is just a quick note to say that EM Basic will be back and better than ever in the New Year.  As of January 2017, it will be almost a year since I have published an episode and that is going to change just after the New Year.  With the help of some collaborators, I have been able to record a number of episodes in advance so I can release episodes on a more regular basis.

I have a plan to publish two episodes per month for the rest of 2017 and I have already recorded ahead a number of episodes to make that happen.  They are all set to publish in the next few months.  That’s why those of you who have an email subscription to the website accidentally got an email today with February’s topics- whoops!

A big thank you to all the contributors who have been patient in seeing their work published on the podcast.  Since this is mostly a one-person operation, my time has been limited with my transition out of the military and into my new job.  This is all on me and I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Stay tuned for another announcement on how providers of all levels and training can get involved in helping to make EM Basic an even better resource.

The first episodes right after the New Year will publish on Monday January 2nd with a two part review on Opioids in the ED, followed by hypothermia, then a three part screencast to review orthopedic injuries just before the inservice exam.

Until next time- Stay Classy,