Airway update podcast

A week ago, I posted an airway review paper by Scott Weingart and Richard Levitan that I think is a must read.  Today I decided to do a podcast reviewing the paper in order to really get it out there and talk about the major points.  The best part of the paper is the description of the NO DESAT technique which virtually eliminates hypoxia during RSI and will make your next intubation a lot easier.  While this podcast is a lot more advanced than the usual “basic” topics that I usually talk about, its important to know about these techniques.  My 0.02- they will become the new standard of care in the near future but you can hear about them now.

First- read the paper in Annals of Emergency Medicine– free full text access

Then listen to the podcast here

If you haven’t already watched it- go the the EMCrit site and watch Dr. Levitan’s airway lecture

Please give me your feedback on this episode so I know whether to do more of these in the future.  Don’t worry- this episode isn’t a replacement for a regular episode.  I’m already hard at work on an episode talking about the basics of trauma resuscitation.  I love trauma so its gonna be good!