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Generic drug names reference

A few international listeners have requested that I use generic names since the brand names can vary from country to country.  From here on out, I will mention the generic name of each drug that I talk about at least once whenever I first mention that drug on the podcast.

In addition- I just created a reference of all the drugs I have talked about up to the current episode on syncope.  What I quickly realized is that I use brand names on some drugs but there are others that I mention only by generic names.

For example, I have always ordered Zofran but never ondansetron.  On the flip side- I have always ordered etomidate but never Amidate.  For clarity sake, for each episode I start with the drugs that I mentioned by trade name then followed by the drugs that I mentioned only by generic name (followed by the common US brand name just as an FYI).  It sounds confusing but it will make sense once you look at the reference.

Finally- I updated all of the show notes to reflect these changes.  The first time a brand name is mentioned, the generic name should follow it in parentheses.  From there on out, if I can fit the generic name in without breaking up the flow, I did but mostly the generic name is only mentioned the first time.  If I have missed any drugs or have misspelled any of them, please drop me an email at steve@embasic.org so I can correct it.

I hope this helps the international listeners and current medical students who solely learn the generic names of drugs.


EM Basic Generic Drug Reference (Word Format)

EM Basic Generic Drug Reference (PDF Format)

EM Basic Show Notes Master File- updated with generic names (Word Format)

EM Basic Show Notes Master File- updated with generic names (PDF Format)


Syncope (or “passing out”) is a chief complaint that we deal with a lot in the emergency department.  While most causes of syncope are benign and need nothing more than reassurance, we need to be on the lookout for the serious causes of syncope.  This episode will focus on the definition of syncope, how to get a complete history, catch the red flags, perform a targeted workup that doesn’t keep the patient in the ED forever, and how to scrutinize an EKG for the deadly arrhythmias that we can’t miss.

In addition, per a request from a podcast listener, there is a bonus section on how to effectively rehydrate patients in the ED.  You may be surprised that there are other options besides putting an IV in everyone

Syncope podcast

Syncope show notes (Word format)

Syncope show notes (PDF format)