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6 Comments on “iTunes”

  1. Jon ryan says:

    I work as a newly qualified advanced paramedic in Ireland. This is a well presented monolog about sepsis, which is very relevant to my practice.

    • EM Basic says:

      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad that you find the podcast useful. Feel free to drop me a line any time with any topics that you would like to hear about it.

      Have fun with your new job and certification. I started medicine as an EMT and I miss the field a lot!


  2. Adrian says:

    Hey Steve where’ve you been? Missing your great podcast.

    • EM Basic says:

      Hey Adrian

      Sorry for the lack of podcasts- I’ve had some other projects come up that haven’t allowed me to get some podcasts done. I’m working ona new episode now- may be able to get it out before the new year, if not then soon after. Stay tuned


  3. salamas says:

    hi Steve I am a pulmonology-critical care physician &I have just came by your podcast a couple of days ago & found it to be very informative on a range of different topics covering what’s most important , the most common & most dangerous … waiting for your episodes

    • EM Basic says:


      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner- your comment slipped through the cracks. Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting. I am glad you find the podcast useful- that is why I do them!

      I can tell you I have an episode coming out tomorrow reviewing the PERC rule- stay tuned.

      Thanks again for commenting


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