This is the first post of the EMbasic blog and podcast.  The goal of this podcast is to introduce medical students and EM interns to the very basics of emergency medicine.  Each podcast starts with a chief complaint- chest pain, abdominal pain, etc.- and goes through the basics- the history, the physical, the workup, basic management, and the important clinical pearls all in easy to digest 30 minute audio podcasts.  This first podcast is an introduction- real short and sweet on who I am, what this podcast is, what I hope to accomplish, how to most effectively use these podcasts, and other websites and podcasts that will help you expand your knowledge.


Steve Carroll

EM senior resident

Brooke Army Medical Center

DISCLAIMER: *The views expressed in this podcast and blog do not represent the views or opinions of the Department of Defense, the US Army, or the SAUSHEC emergency medicine residency program*

Intro Podcast- EM Basic