Essential Evidence #7- SAEM Occult Bacteremia

We’re back with a new episode of Essential Evidence.  This article is from Academic Emergency Medicine March 2009 and it talks about getting blood cultures in well appearing kids aged 3 to 36 months.  We used to get a lot of blood cultures in these well appearing kids with fever but this article was the final nail in the coffin that got us to stop doing that.  It’s hard to believe that based on how we practice now but we needed this large study to show us that we are now doing the right thing.

One announcement- I will be going to the SMACC conference- Social Media and Critical Care- in 2 weeks in Australia.  If you see me at the conference, please say hi and let me know what you think about the podcast.

Essential Evidence #7- Occult Bacteremia

SAEM Occult Bacteremia- Free full text link

SAEM Occult Bacteremia- Direct Download (PDF)


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3 Comments on “Essential Evidence #7- SAEM Occult Bacteremia”

  1. Hi Dr. Carroll. I think your podcast is absolutely incredible and I think you are doing a great job. I am a 4th year med student on my ER rotation and your emphasis on the basics with real-life applications is extremely helpful. I am sure many others feel the same way, thank you for taking the time to do these podcasts.

    • EM Basic says:


      Thanks so much- I am glad that you find the podcast useful. Out if curiousity- how did you hear about the podcast?

      Thanks and take care


  2. sorry for the late reply. I was reading Life in the Fast Lane and you were on the [rather long] list of suggested podcasts. I was lucky to stumble onto yours and have mentioned it to my attending physicians and other medical students.

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