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Hyperkalemia episode fixed on the EM Basic App

Hey everybody

Just a quick note to say that I just fixed an issue with the hyperkalemia episode on the EM Basic app.  I goofed and the way I posted the episode was causing it to come up in the app as a “text post” without the episode audio.  It is fixed now and should be working- let me know if you are having any other issues with the app.



Hyperkalemia (high serum potassium) can be one of the most serious electrolyte disorders that we treat in the ED.  We’ll review how to interpret hyperkalemia in light of the patient’s clinical condition, how to rapidly evaluate a patient with hyperkalemia and how to quickly treat patients with severe hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia Podcast

Hyperkalemia Show Notes (Word Format)

Hyperkalemia Show Notes (PDF)

Introducing the EM Basic App for Apple and Android

Hey everybody,

Today has one more big announcement for the EM Basic podcast.  Today is the launch of the EM Basic App for Apple and Android phones.  This app will allow you to stream all episodes of EM Basic and has the added benefit of having the show notes or the articles for the Essential Evidence episodes all in one place.

The cost?  Only 4.99 for a great resource to have handy on shifts.  Don’t worry- the podcast will still be available for free on iTunes and on this website but hopefully you will find this app useful to your everyday practice.  If anything, just know that it will help support the podcast as we start bringing you weekly content.  As always, email me at with any comments or suggestions about the app.

To access the PDFs for each episode, click the letter “e” in the bottom right hand corner of the episode page.

If you want to listen to a podcast on all of the details about accessing the app here it is:

EM Basic Apple and Adroid App Announcement Podcast

For Apple users:

Warning– there is no “EM Basic” app in the Apple App store- follow these directions to find the app.

1. Go to the app store and search for “podcast box.”  This is a free app that you download onto your device.

2. Once you have installed podcast box, open it up and either search for “EM Basic” on the front page or go to the “categories” button on the bottom, go to Science and Medicine, and click on EM Basic.

3. The app will ask you to confirm the purchase and you will be asked for your Apple ID password.  You will be charged as an “in App purchase” and you will get immediate access to everything in the app.

Here is the iTunes link for podcast box:

Podcast Box iTunes link

For Android users:

Warning– I have not yet seen the app function on an actual Android phone.  If there are problems, email me ASAP at and I will fix it as soon as I can

Here is a link to the app on

EM Basic Android App

If you need directions on installing apps from Amazon on your Android- go to this link which has a short video and written directions on how to do it:

Amazon App Download Instructions

Introducing EM Basic Essential Evidence- The Rivers Sepsis Study

Introducing EM Basic Essential Evidence- your boot camp guide to emergency medicine literature. Each episode will review an important emergency medicine article from the ground up. We’ll review the study’s design, basic statistics, results, and wrap it up with some analysis to help you understand the study and how to put it into your everyday practice. The goal here is to provide a guide through the emergency medicine literature so you can read and understand the “must know” studies out there.

This is also the re-launch of EM Basic to a weekly podcast format.  Every monday morning, a new episode will be uploaded to start the week. Each week will alternate between a regular review episode and an essential evidence episode. For the essential evidence episodes, I will try to split up the episodes each month- one episode on a landmark article and one episode on a newer article that is making the rounds. I have a list of articles that I will be talking about but if there are any studies out there that you think I should cover, email me at

For this first episode, we’ll talk about the famous Rivers sepsis study that started the push to early goal directed therapy for sepsis in the ED. Although I talked about this study a lot on the sepsis podcast a while back, we’ll talk more in depth about the study so you can really understand it.

Rivers NEJM Sepsis Study- website link (free full text)

Rivers NEJM Sepsis Study- PDF (direct download)

EM Basic Essential Evidence podcast- Rivers Sepsis NEJM


Hyponatremia (low serum sodium) is one of the most common electrolyte disorders encountered in the ED. Most of the time this electrolyte disorder requires us to do less- not more. However, if the patient is critically ill from their hyponatremia then we need to know how to quickly intervene and even be a little creative if we don’t have the medications that we want. We’ll review how to do the right thing for these patients, track down the cause of hyponatremia, and make the right decisions so we don’t cause any harm.

Hyponatremia podcast

Hyponatremia Show Notes (Word Format)

Hyponatremia Show Notes (PDF)

Websites that I talked about:– A blog made by John Schonert, an EM PGY-3 from West Virginia.  His blog is a collection of the best in EM education.  Subscribe to the weekly updates to get short summaries of the best EM on the web for free.  Better yet- if you find something you like, submit your own link for consideration.

The short coat blog– Made by Lauren Westafer, an MS-4 interested in emergency medicine who is publishing some great stuff.  Medical students and residents will find useful reviews of the literature on common emergency medicine topics as she wades through them herself.  Don’t be fooled- she is writing well above her training level and the reviews from the ground up are really insightful- especially if you are new to emergency medicine.