Procedural Sedation Part 1- Preparation

This is the first of two episodes on procedural sedation. In the ED we need to provide safe and effective procedural sedation and analgesia whenever we do painful procedures. It is our job to relieve anxiety and pain in our patients and we need to know how to do this right. This episode will focus on how to prepare for a procedural sedation. We will talk about how to make the decision as to who is an appropriate candidate for procedural sedation in the ED, the depth of sedation, and how to prepare all of our equipment so that we leave nothing to chance. This will be in preparation for the second episode where we will talk about the medications that we use in procedural sedation.

ACEP clinical guideline on Procedural Sedation

Procedural Sedation Part 1 Podcast- Preparation

Procedural Sedation Part 1 Show Notes (Word Format)

Procedural Sedation Part 1 Show Notes (PDF)

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