Trauma resuscitation Part 2 show notes posted

Here are the show notes for Trauma Resuscitation Part 2

Trauma Resuscitation Part 2- interventions (Word Format)

Trauma Resuscitation Part 2- interventions (PDF)

Trauma Resuscitation Part 2- Interventions

For the second part of trauma resuscitation, we’ll discuss the various interventions that you may have to accomplish in the trauma bay. The first part is a continuation from the first episode and talks about the EFAST exam- a vital part of the secondary survey. The second part discusses the control of massive extremity hemorrhage and how to intervene on any airway, breathing, or circulation issue in the trauma bay.

The show notes may take a while for this episode so I can get some good graphics.  I’ll make another post when they are available.

Trauma Resuscitation Part 2- Interventions

Mentioned during the podcast- the ultrasound app and podcast.  If you want great videos on how to do great ultrasounds in the ED, check them out

The One Minute Ultrasound App- free at the iTunes app store

The Ultrasound podcast- also free at iTunes


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